Frontispiece for The Cat-Attack

About the author

I am a writer and artist from the Westcountry of England, now living in London. My short stories, illustrated with my own designs, place contemporary characters in folktale situations, to explore the beguiling emotions that arise. My gossipy, ghost-yarn style of narration is juxtaposed with the modern opinions and outlook of the characters, and the twists in the tales arise from the savage interventions of both the fantastic and the real.

My stories stir together the strange and uncanny of yesterday with modern myths and urban legends, full of sinister friends, friendly enemies and the cruelties and transformations of love, to bring you magical, supernatural and overall romantical latter-day fairytales.

Take a look at my blog of recipes if you want to try cooking the Benjaminial way. There are also reviews and other chit-chat.