Reader reviews

Here are some reader reviews of my books and stories
...the good, bad and indifferent.

Most of these were written by good friends, hence their general leniency, but all of them are genuine, unprompted opinions.

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Thank you so much to everybody who has given me feedback and encouragement over the years.

The Green Man and Other Stories

"Just LOVED the book! I really enjoyed the feeling that the narrator was letting you in on a secret. It made the whole book feel cosy but at the same time thoroughly chilling. The imagery was evocative and captivating. I thought having little common details, such as names, run through the otherwise unrelated stories tied them together in a really clever way. The illustrations are, of course, incredible! My special favourite was 'The Reverse'... my mum thought 'The Green Man' was fabulous. All in all, a beautifully presented and fantastically written collection of highly original and gripping tales. Well done! Looking forward to the next one...hurry, hurry!"

Helen Lowe, Stevenage, England (2010)

"I have finished the book and I loved it. Choosing my favourite of the individual stories has actually been quite difficult as there are at least three I really loved. But I'm going to go for 'The Tryst'. I liked the imagery of the magic tricks, the sense of foreboding, the fact that the trick came back on Kaveran, and the way it cleverly linked back to the events of the 'The Merlin'. Very satisfying and intriguing."

David Malcolm, London, England (5 January 2010)

"I LOVED your book...'The Reverse' being my favourite. My mum liked 'The Green Man' best. She asks whether you have changed it since she last read it? She enjoyed it much more this time so if you have it's very much for the better. She loved it the first time too incidentally. In fact...she really enjoyed the whole book."

Helen Lowe, Stevenage, England (7 January 2010)

"I have now started your book, and have just finished the first two stories. I have to say I am really enjoying it so far, and this is not the type of book I would normally read. I think it is beautifully written (at least as far as Iíve read) and I am very impressed at how good you are at describing the atmosphere and mood. The stories are really good. I will give you more feedback once Iím done, but just wanted to say that I am really enjoying it and am very impressed so far!"

Torhild Brattelid, London, England (8 January 2010)

"These are the most captivating short stories I have ever read - which is saying something because my degree is in English Literature. I think short stories are going to make a comeback because modern life is so hectic - people's lives are so time pressured the satisfaction gained from reaching the end of a brilliant short story is priceless. Benjamin's tales could spearhead the short story comeback! When describing these tales to my friends I would say that the writing style is unique; you feel you are reading about iconic 1940s characters, or romantic eighteenth century characters, interjected with modern life. These stories encapsulate the romance of a bygone era, but are utterly contemporary. The themes that run through the stories are timeless and affect all of us - I really relate to the protagonists and defy you to put this book down once you've started reading! Read these stories and the imagery will be seared onto your mind for years... beautiful."

Paula Winzar, Penzance, England (2 February 2010)

"Thank you for the story ['The Green Man'] ...I finished it in bed last night. I enjoyed it...another good page turner. I was convinced the young suitor was the green man in disguise!"

Helen Lowe, Stevenage, England (4 March 2009)

"I loved ĎThe Trystí!"

Christa Buttigieg, London, England (2009)