Reader reviews

Here are some reader reviews of my books and stories
...the good, bad and indifferent.

Most of these were written by good friends, hence their general leniency, but all of them are genuine, unprompted opinions.

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Thank you so much to everybody who has given me feedback and encouragement over the years.

The Sleight of Heart and Other Stories

"['The Sleight of Heart'] is even excellenter [than ‘The Glass Key’]. 10/10. There is just one passage I would alter but this is a great fable!!"

Gordon Cummins, London, England (2008)

"I am loving your new book by the way! I am going to bed early to read it every night. It's perfect cosy winter reading. My fav so far is 'The Castaway'... oh, and the spooky bridegroom one. I loved the size shifting goldfish concept too. Which one is based in Cromer? I think I might read The Green Man again when I've finished. Well done!"

Helen Lowe, Stevenage, England (17 November 2010)

"Who did you base Artemisia on? I really enjoyed the 'Sleight of Heart' story. Just finished 'The Goldfish' today, it was sad that he had to die but I do have to say that he was such a selfish sod really and do feel for your poor women... I have to say there were two heroines in 'The Goldfish', one that is very subservient who just adores him, you can’t not feel sorry for her (I have to say though, her killing the fish was big mistake, huge... who's going to pay her bills) no really I was very upset that she killed the goldfish he never did anything to her but I can understand why she did. As for Adriana she is just a self centred bitch, but she knows how to get what she wants, just doesn’t know how to keep it really. But I was happy to see her lose in the end, she didn’t deserve to be happy if Miranda was mourning constantly. I have to think about it some more."

Christa Buttigieg, London, England (18 November 2010)

"Been reading your stuff this afternoon... amazingly written, fantastic illustrations. The Unhappy Bridegroom got my attention... thought what you did was very unusual and original."

Danny Boy, internet (2002)

"Hey I read 'The Happy-Unhappy Bridegroom' what an interesting talent you have! I really liked and wanted there to be as little clue to date setting within the tale as possible and you pretty much did that... it had a ghostly and dark feel to it and the style was really old... I'd started to read it a few times but got distracted and stopped... this I now know was in part due to the style of your words... it took some concentration to get into and never left the reader feeling too easy with it all... hmmmmm I liked it and will have to read it again... it's the only story I've read so far."

Richard, internet (2002)

"[About the fronticepiece for 'The Gold-Fish'] WOW - That *is* fab!! Really captures the story and I think the little fishys have real character. I have said it before but you should be a draw-er."

Gordon Cummins, London, England (2003)