Reader reviews

Here are some reader reviews of my books and stories
...the good, bad and indifferent.

Most of these were written by good friends, hence their general leniency, but all of them are genuine, unprompted opinions.

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Thank you so much to everybody who has given me feedback and encouragement over the years.

The Green Lady and Other Stories

"Much enjoyed ['The Glass Key']. Very well thought out! I really enjoyed it. Very easy to read too."

Gordon Cummins, London, England (2008)

"Thank you so much for the short story ['The Green Lady']. I really enjoyed it! I read it all last night in bed... it was a real page turner. What time was it set in? I kept trying to work it out. I did want Max to fall off the castle in the end... but in a way... I'm glad he survived!"

Helen Lowe, Stevenage, England (24 February 2009)

"I was really impressed [by 'The Assassin's Assassin']! I'm no literary expert but I found it a very relaxing book to read, a bit like your friend was telling you this tale in the pub over a quiet pint!"

Nicky Davies, London, England (13 March 2009)

"'The Assassin's Assassin' was my favorite story yet... thought it was great."

Helen Lowe, Stevenage, England (14 April 2009)

"Read your mankillers ['The Man-Eaters'] and was highly entertained. Just hope for the sake of all the gay men who are attracted to you by (a) your looks and (b) your humour that Belvedere isn't based on what you do us feckless souls."

Baron K, internet (2002)

"I've read 'The Man-Eaters'. I'm ill at the moment right - and I was walking home thinking all I want to do is lie in a hot bath and read one of Benjamin's short stories, and when I opened my front door 'The Man-Eaters' was lying on my welcome mat. You're a star. I had a relaxing evening which has made me feel a lot better and read your wonderfully witty, light hearted yet thoroughly evil story. They're a pleasure. Keep sending them, and GET THEM PUBLISHED."

Paula Winzar, Penzance, England (2003)

"I did actually read 'The Man-Eaters' and you were right it was quite funny, and a little camp towards the end too. I enjoyed it."

Dominic Guy, London, England (27 March 2006)

"I love it! ['The Man-Eaters'] I think I've read it before but now it seems even funnier and wittier. I think it would work VERY well as a little one-act play. The characters are so good and I can see each one of them and see it on the stage. Please adapt it, there is so much good dialogue it will be hardly any work!"

Elizabeth Walter, Portchester, England (15 March 2006)

"Found it funny ['The Man-Eaters'], an ebullient read. It needs polishing. I found it claustraphobic."

Jenny O'Farrell, Dublin, Ireland (2004)

"Iíve just started reading ĎThe Green Ladyí and I love it. Iíve just got to the bit where the sister is taking him down into the basement to see his mad wife. I thought Iíd better turn the lights out at that point and calm down for another read tonight."

Caroline Fuller, London, England (24 November 2004)